RA50 re-radiating antenna

by GPSOZ Solutions
Save $30.00

Want to improve your GPS reception?
Can't get that signal due to something over head, eg large roof rack?
Your GPS doesn't have an aerial connection?

Then the RA-50 re-radiating antenna is what you need.

The RA-50 is a complete GPS (L1 band signal) re-radiating unit with dual antennas to re-transmit in real-time GPS satellite outdoor reception to an indoor environment. The re-radiating internal antenna allows multi GPS receiver users to perform on-the-fly normal receiver performance within a closed environment, (eg inside a vehicle) while the main GPS antenna is located outdoors.

The RA50 includes a high gain external GPS antenna, precisely calibrated amplifier circuit with Helix type indoor antenna and a power supply regulator built-in.
Installation notes:
Locate external antenna outside the vehicle on metal surface, roof is ideal 
Run cable (5m) inside
Connect cable to radiating device and plug same into 12/24v cig plug

You now have a very strong GPS signal up to 1-1.5m  away from the radiating aerial.  

Suitable for use with:
  • Hema HN 5/6/7 HX-1
  • VMS Touring series
  • TomTom
  • any GPS without an antenna socket

Product fact sheet: