OZtopo - FAQ

What area does OZtopo cover?
OZtopo covers all of Australia

What scale are the maps?
OZtopo is a vector product and as such the term "scale" does not apply. However the data provided in OZtopo is similar to that found on 1:25,000 topographic maps.

How much storage does OZtopo take?
What size is OZtopo?

For all of Australia, OZtopo is 1.8 GB. It is provided as three layers, contours, minor water (creeks and streams) and roads.

Where does the mapping data come from?
The roads and points of interest data is supplied by and copyright MapData Services Pty Ltd, PSMA Australia Ltd and is from their Q4  2015 release.   The 10m contour data is derived from data supplied GeoScience Australia

What GPSs can I use OZtopo on?
OZtopo can be used on most Garmin Mapping GPS units; See here for a list of compatible GPS units.

Will OZtopo work on my PC or Mac?
Yes it does. It can be viewed on either a PC using BaseCamp. BaseCamp Mac or PC can be downloaded free from here
OZtopo is supported on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64) and later and Mac OS X 10.4 and later

Can I view OZtopo on the PC?
Yes, OZtopo can be viewed on the PC if you already have MapSource or BaseCamp installed. Some Garmin GPS units come with come with Trip & Waypoint Manager (part of the MapSource family) in the box.

I do not have a MapSource program. Which is the cheapest to buy?
Trip & Waypoint Manager is the cheapest MapSource program or download BaseCamp from here free.

Will OZtopo work on a MAC?
Yes, OZtopo can be viewed on a Mac via BaseCamp from here

Will OZtopo work with other Garmin maps?
Yes, provided there is sufficient memory within the GPS itself or on the storage card. OZtopo has been tested with many additional maps including City Navigator Australia and BlueChart without a problem. 

Is OZtopo available on preloaded cards?
Yes, OZtopo is supplied on a preloaded mSD card for use most Garmin GPS units. Just insert and use. No downloading, registration or unlock codes required.

Can I upgrade from a previous version?
An upgrade from any previous OZtopo version is available for A$99 inc GST. All upgrades must be processed via GPSOZ.
Proof of purchase, original OZtopo serial number need to be sent to GPSOZ when ordering an upgrade. Please see here for full details on the upgrade process.

What will I pay for OZtopo?
OZtopo is priced at A$229 inc GST, which includes the USB flash drive and a preloaded mSD card

Orders can be placed by clicking here

How is OZtopo licensed:
OZtopo is licensed via the preloaded mSD card. It can be used on multiple GPS units but cannot be duplicated. There is no restrictions on the number of PC/MAC that it can be installed on. Loose the mSD card and you have lost the product!

How does OZtopo affect my Garmin warranty?
It doesn't. The installation of OZtopo is like any Garmin mapping product.
If you and/or Garmin believe there is an issue with the use of OZtopo on your GPS, please contact GPSOZ immediately on 02 9999 2313.

Still need more help ?
Please contact your retailer
If they are unable to help please contact sales@oztopo.com or call GPSOZ on 02 9999 2313

OZtopo on Marine units:
If your looking to use OZtopo on a marine unit and haven't yet purchased a unit make sure you buy one with a SD card slot.

If your unit uses a Garmin Propriety Card, yes OZtopo (and other maps) will work on these units. However the area that you can use/view will be limited by the size of the Garmin card you can use with each model. You need to check but most have only allow a maximum of 256MB (some 128MB some 512MB) which equates to about 1/3 of one state. Garmin cards are also expensive , eg US$100+ for 256MB card. In addition you will need a Garmin USB card writer at about US$150 to load maps onto these types of cards. These card writers only work on Windows 32 bit machines up to Windows Vista. Mar-2015 update: This option is now generally NOT advised due to availability of Garmin cards, speed of these older marine units.

I am trying to enter my unlock code but MapSource is unable to start the unlock wizard. How do I fix this?
No unlock codes are required for V3 and onwards on your PC or MAC. If you have got this far please "Cancel" the operation. No online registration is needed. We also suggest upgrading to the latest version of MapSource which is available from here

I currently own a MapSource product, what version is needed for OZtopo?
We have tested OZtopo V8 with MapSource V6.13.7 and later. However we recommend upgrading to the latest version of MapSource which is available from here

How do I find the CAMPS locations?
The CAMSPS8 data is built into the maps.
Use the POI search feature of your GPS.  Use the spell or find by name and type in CAMPS8(xxx) where xx is the site number your are looking for. If you are just looking for the closest CAMPS8 location just time in CAMPS8
In MapSource and BaseCamp they are in the category Geographic Places, sub categories Man Made. You GPS may or may not have the ability to search by category or list the Geographic Places category.

What maps do I have on my Nuvi?
You can check which maps are in your nuvi by going to the menu page,
Spanner, Map, Map Info
You should see:

- OZtopo Vx.0 Roads
- OZtopo Vx.0 Topo = (10m Contours)
- OZtopo Vx.0 Minor Water features (creeks and streams)
- City Navigator Australia (standard maps)
If all boxes are ticked then City Navigator and 10m Contours will be displayed.
10m Contours is a transparent map and will display on top of City Navigator (or any other map)
To display OZtopo Vx.0 Roads you need to un-tick City Navigator.
Please note: If you are in a flat area then very few contour lines will be displayed


How do I display OZtopo maps on my nuvi or zumo ?
Go to the menu page:
Spanner, Map, Map Info
Untick City Navigator
OZtopo Vx.0 Roads, - OZtopo Vx.0 Minor Water features (creeks and streams) and OZtopo Vx.0 Topo (10m Contours) will then display

Please note: If you are in a flat area then very few contour lines will display


How do I turn off contours on my handheld but still leave the Roads and Tracks showing? (eTrex Legend Cx, GPSmap 60Cx 60CSx & 76Cx etc)
Go to the map page,
Press Menu,
Setup Map,
scroll to "I" (information option) using left and right rocker keys
Press Menu,
choose Hide OZtopo 10m to turn off contours,
choose Show OZtopo 10m to turn on 10m contours

Similar process applies to Minor Water features (creeks and streams)


I am getting odd errors in MapSource when I try to load OZtopo (combined map) to my GPS?
Loading OZtopo to your GPS via MapSource or BaseCamp is not possible.

I have had my GPS swapped under warranty or replaced outside of warranty. Can I transfer OZtopo to another unit?
Yes. If the unit is replaced under warranty or exchanged then simply reinstall the card onto your replacement unit.

I have sold my GPS unit. Can I transfer OZtopo to another unit?
Yes. Simply reinstall the card onto your new unit.

I have had my GPS unit stolen or have lost my GPS with OZtopo loaded. Can I transfer OZtopo to another unit?
No. If the unit is stolen or lost then OZtopo is lost just like any other accessory, cables, case, and other mapping products eg Garmin's City Navigator. If your unit is insured, then please include the cost of replacing OZtopo when making a claim.

How do I load OZtopo to my Garmin GPS or memory card?
Preloaded cards are sold as a standard part of OZtopo. Downloading is not normally necessary. However if you feel you need to have this functionality them please email GPSOZ support@gpsoz.com.au for possible solutions


I have an OZtopo sample, do I need to deinstall this before installing the full version?

How do uninstall current or previous version(s) of OZtopo (MAC and Windows)?

If there are multiple OZtopo Versions installed on the computer, individual map products can be uninstalled to free up hard drive space. OZtopo can be removed through the standard Windows uninstall. Each mapping product and version will be listed.

Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10:

  1. On the Keyboard, press the Windows Key + R key together
  2. In the text box, type Control Panel
  3. Click OK
  4. Under Programs, click Uninstall a Program (Category View)
  5. Right click on the mapping product to uninstall
  6. Click Uninstall

Removing OZtopo from a Mac can be done by using the Garmin MapManager.


  1. In the Applications folder, open Garmin MapManager
  2. Click the map product to uninstall
  3. In the lower left corner, click the gear icon
  4. Click Delete map
  5. In the pop-up window, click Delete

Once all steps are completed, the products will be uninstalled from the computer.


Still need more technical help ?
Please contact your retailer
If they are unable to help please contact support@oztopo.com or call GPSOZ on 02 9999 2313