OZtopo - Customer Feedback

What more can we say, so we'll leave it to others:

Hello GPSOZ,
I have had a load more fun working with Version 8 and I cannot believe how the ease of use and functionality has improved since Version 3. 


I knew from past experience that you are very efficient at turning things around, and that I would know that the new version was on its way almost as soon as you did.

Anyway, V8 has arrived and is working beautifully on eTrex and laptop. Thanks very much for the great service that supports a great product.


Just received my replacement card. Just wanted to let you know I'm very happy with your service. It  was my fault the batteries leaked, but you replaced the card anyway. Good Aussie service, thanks very much. I will let all my mates know.

All the best.

G'Day Brian, 

Thanks for your help.  OZtopo has been a pleasure to use and GPSOZ pleasure to deal with. 


Gidday guys, received my OZtopo maps today.  I see what you mean when you told me----- " you won't be disappointed"


I appreciate your after sales help. Apart from everything else that is an excellent reason to buy all my GPS stuff from you.
Thanks again,

The detail is fantastic and even though it was a long wait I'm sure the High Quality OZtopo maps will provide me with years of safe and enjoyable hiking

Thanks Once again for a great product. 

- just got back from a few days in the Flinders Ranges the device and software from you guys was fantastic The Garmin 2797LM and OZtopo software bundle.

Thanks very much

Unfortunately Garmin Aust/NZ V5 mapping, is overloaded with thick brown contour lines, very difficult, and confusing to see road and tracks, lacks information, reminds me looking at a side of a zebra.

Many thanks Brian,

I thought the v6 OZtopo Map set  was Awesome Compared to Garmin’s Topo Card,
But this new v7 Blows them out of the water and iv only used it to go to the shops , I can’t wait until I feel a bit better and use it out on the Tracks 
Thank you very much
Ismet J

Thanks Kirsten,

I received GPS OZ 7 today in the mail.
I have installed on my Mac and Garmin GPS customer. It was easy and fuss free.
What a great product. I am a very satisfied customer.

Thank you.

Hi Brian,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!. 
Your product is fantastic and does exactly what I want. Love it!. 
Thanks so much for your help . Will recommend it to fellow Garmin users. 

We completed a 4wd trip up in the Brindabella’s over the long weekend here in Canberra.  I must say the Oztopo V6 worked a treat and I am extremely happy with it.


V6 Likes:
#1 Less fuss and clutter ( your colour pallette is much better than the garmin product which is too dark)
#2 Switch off contours (and I did)
#3 Less tracks (yes there are more on the garmin product in areas I use) but they are so old they are almost all gone as far as use goes.
#3 (too) Holding track detail while zooming -  YAAA!  I can still see the "snakes" at high zoom
#4 Routing - this does work on tracks whereas it's useless in the Garmin ver I had
#5 Sensitivity with routing -  You can tone it down a bit on OZ topo whereas the Garmin was less sensitive.  OZ topo is more like the Euro Topos I have used so you need to ignore a few route options.

None at this stage!

Many thanks again and If can think of any other little add ons for v8 or v22 I'll send you a note ;)



Hi, I'm very impressed with your Topo maps they look so much better than the Garmin genuine Topo.

Thanks, Matt

I am pleased with OZtopo.  I also sometimes load converted Raster maps into Custom Maps, but find that they lack the clarity of OZtopo.  Thanks for your help


There is no doubt that OZtopo V4.0 is the best overall topo product I have seen thus far. 


PS: I have read with interest the various chat rooms where OZtopo has been discussed. I believe that an accurate topo base map is essential, accurate track mapping is essential, turn by turn instructions are definitely NOT a consideration for me as all my trips are planned with critical waypoints being pre-programmed and downloaded before the trip. In my opinion, turn by turn instructions in remote 4WD tracks is too dangerous and has too many variables (eg. changing track condition & washouts) to be reliable. Just my 2cents worth : )

I Purchased the update to OzTopo a few weeks ago and took off for a trip into the Gibson Desert.  Most of the navigation was done by others (self proclaimed officiandos) using OziExplorer and I kept a watch using OzTopo.  Where there were tracks, these were accurate and the features such as Mt Madley, Kata Kata Well etc. were accurate.  I am impressed.

GPSOZ were kind enough to send me some screen shots of some areas I am familiar with.
I also downloaded the sample OZtopo 4 showing a bit of Tassie.
I compared them to free maps available for the Garmin (OSM, Shonky, Tracks 4 Australia) and got a mates 2008 version of OziExplorer/HEMA to have a look at and also the old V3 Garmin TOPO (just out of date, so now available very cheap).

While the OSM maps has the most tracks plotted in a lot of local 4WD'ing areas, there is not a lot of info on them, so tread carefully, and in most of the less used areas, there is sometimes very few tracks at all, if any. Every track I could see on all the other sources was included in OZtopo, and often a few more. OZtopo definitely had the most clear information.
Using OZtopo 4's clear vector mapping compared to scanned looking HEMA raster on OziExplorer (keep in mind these are 2008 maps, so they may be greatly improved) is much more pleasant and clear. 
The OZtopo 4 map, for usability and clarity, searchable POI's etc., for me wins hands down.
On the V3 Garmin TOPO, it had a lot less tracks, and the tracks are near indistinguishable from the Topo lines on the NUVI, and you can't turn of the topo lines. The advantage is that the routable maps make it easier to get around trip planners shortcomings.

OZtopo V4 has at last provided the standard of field mapping I wanted. The background mapping for the GPS has improved to a point where there are very few uncharted secrets left in the bush. Being able to scan over a location and plot a course that will avoid obstacles (swamps, rock outcrops, ravines, rivers, deep water crossings) saves a lot of walking. Computer based trip planning is only one advantage of the OZtopo V4 package some of the others are track information and topographical information. Working with Garmin Map Source or BaseCamp you can plot a courses put in waypoints and down load it to the GPS or re-evaluate a trip and up load it from the GPS.

regard, john

Having purchased v2 of Oztopo some time ago I sent in my sd card to upgrade to v3 and within just a couple of days the new version arrived and at absolutely no cost....not even for postage...now that's what I call service.

Even though I found v2 great for Geocaching, I must say that v3 is a huge leap forward with the mapping detail unsurpassed by any other maps I've used. The clarity of the mapping displayed on both the Montana and Nuvi is superb and as such I'll be purchasing a 2nd sd card to display on both units simultaneously. For Geocaching / bush walking the Oztopo mapping is a godsend and together with their excellent service, it's a very highly recommended product.

Many thanks.... Regards Vern

Your OZtopo V3.0 and the Montana 650 arrived together - thank you for the very prompt response. Just looked at the maps in "BaseCamp" and they look excellent.  My next trip is to the "back" of  Gluepot (SA) for some bird photography. My basecamp application had some Birdseye imagery and the alignment of the "roads" on the map and image is amazingly accurate - this really gives one faith in the maps - excellent! BTW the Montana is a superb piece of gear - tested it out with maps and local high resolution imagery
now all one needs to carry is enough food and water !!

I purchased a Garmin Oregon together with OZtopo mapping software back in April, 2010. In April, 2011 you happily upgraded my SD Card to Version 2.2. This week, Tuesday 02 Aug 11, I posted off my DVD and SD card for a further upgrade to Version 3.0. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my updated software in the post this afternoon, Thursday 04 Aug 11. All at no additional cost!!

I would very much like to thank all the staff at GPSOZ for the professional way in which you deal with your customers. I will be only too happy to recommend you to my many Geocaching friends for their GPS and mapping requirements.

I unpacked the replacement mSD card and installed OZtopo 3 today. I’m now sure that we never had the earlier version. V3 is fantastic and I am so pleased to be able to have more and more accurate data than the original map supplied by Garmin. Thank you for your excellent service and helpful attitude.

Kind regards

I bought the update today $99, sweet. The mapset beats the s..t out of the garmin's and I only need autorouting in the city. I cant remember the last time I rode through a city

It looks like they hit a home run with 3.0. I'm a very happy camper.

They fixed the resolution at which the small tracks disappear and I get to see the contours disappear as you zoom out, I like it. this was my big beef with the previous versions.

Pause over any point and it gives height, the road you're on and the next ones in either direction.

No autorouting but I seem to be able to get by without a digital bint telling me to go the wrong way. Give me a destination and I'll find the way (or my wife will tell me where to go). Of course I don't adventure ride through Sydney or Melbourne, thank god

quick email to let you know that the mac version of this arrived this morning--so quick! and is happily installed and running.

I got my OT3, very happy, from the little I've played with it I like it a lot.