OZtopo - Comparison with other products

How does OZtopo compare to other products?


Feature\Product OZtopo V9 Topo Australia V5 (Garmin) Topo Australia V5 Lite (Garmin) Shonky Maps 
(Internet supplier)
Autorouting Yes - over all road types Yes - limted No No
Map Detail 1:25,000 Not Specified Not Specified 1:250,000
CAMPS9 locations Yes No No No
Contours 10m Geoscience Australia data 10m SRTM data None 20m
Turn Contours off Yes No No No
GPS Model support Most models including marine units Limited Limited Most including marine units
Upgrades $99 none - repurchase required none - repurchase required Free
Map size 1.9GB 3.2GB 1.4GB 350MB
Map & Data sourced from Map Data Services, Geoscience Australia, RMS (NSW), PSMA & many others NAVTEQ NAVTEQ GEOScience Australia
Map Date Q4 2017 Not Specified Not Specified 10/2007