Garmin Speed Camera Subscription Nov 18 - Oct 19

by Speed Camera Warnings

Road Hazard Points of Interest (POI's) for Garmin GPS Units

Updates will be automatically emailed on a monthly basis.

Roads Hazards POIs, currently numbering over 8000, are locations of:

  • Fixed Speed Cameras - Australia Wide
  • Red Light Cameras - Australia Wide
  • Schools Zones - Major centres in all states
  • Bus Lane Cameras - NSW
  • new safety cameras in NSW, WA, SA
  • Misc road hazards - eg dangerous railway crossings, dramatic speed changes (110->60kph)

What do these POI's do?

For GPS that support speech (ie Drive Series, Nuvi, zumo): On approach to a schools zone, your GPS will say "Caution school zone ahead". For fixed speed camera locations, the GPS unit will say "Speed camera ahead 70 kilometers per hour" - if you continue your journey over the posted speed limit, your GPS will continue to verbally warn you until you reduce your speed. 
For all other hazards an audible tone will alert you that you are approaching a hazard. Other GPSs models will give a standard 'ding' warning.

Updates? We continue to update these locations on a monthly basis. They will be sent to you via email on or close to the first working day of the month.

If you find an omission or error please send us an email with details. 

The fine print: We at GPSOZ do not encourage or endorse speeding. User assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in the area of vehicle use. GPSOZ and affiliates will not be held liable for use of the product. All fines and infringements are YOUR responsibility. GPSOZ will make every effort to include but cannot guarantee that every speed camera and school zone is included in the database. We encourage feedback via email if you find any errors or omissions.

 Suitable for:

  • Garmin Drive Series - all models
  • Garmin Nuvi - all models
  • Garmin Zumo - all models
  • Garmin Dezl - all models - except DezlCam 785

Not sure please send an email to :

Please note we also need to know if you use a MAC or Windows PC