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CAMPS 8 POIs for Polaris with iGo


Own a Polaris GPS and would like to be able to find out  "Where is my nearest CAMPS8 location?" or instruct it to "take me to site 199".

Then this handy addition is for you! We'll email you a specific file for your GPS, just connect up your GPS and install the file. Simple and easy to do. Detailed instructions included. 

Can only be downloaded to a Polaris using Windows PC. No MAC version possible.

This download suits:

  • All models using iGo Navigation Software Nov 2015+

Please note CAMPS8 numbering is different to CAMPS6 & 7. Please order the POI file that matches your CAMPS publication.

    What customers have said:

    Hi     Just wanted to let you know that your Camps POIs file is brilliant. My travel group have just come back from 7 weeks of touring Tasmania. We used your file on our GPS extensively and it never failed us. It made it so much easier to find the free camps and dump points that we were looking for. We have recommended it to many fellow travellers who hopefully, like us, purchase your program.  Congratulations on a great product.  Rgds  Lyn