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CAMPS 7 POIs for GPS's using iGo Software


Own a GPS that uses iGo navigation software and would like to be able to find out  "Where is my nearest CAMPS7 location?" or instruct it to "take me to site 199".

Then this handy addition is for you! We'll email you a specific file for your GPS, just connect up your GPS (or insert your SD card) and install the file. Simple and easy to do. Detailed instructions included. 

Please specify when ordering, if you use a Windows or MAC computer.

This download suits:

  • GPS units using iGo or iGo Primo Navigation software
  • Not suitable for iPad or tablet versions of iGo
  • Not suitable for Hema Navigators - please use their map update service

    Please note CAMPS7 numbering is different to CAMPS6. Please order the POI file that matches your CAMPS publication.