OZtopo - App

Easy to use offline app with a detailed Australian wide topographical map for your iPhone or iPad.

It's small - just 3.8GB !

It's detailed - better than 1:25K maps across Australia !

It's fast - a single map covering all of Australia !

It's low cost - just $79 !

It's easy to use - one map does it all !

It's the only app you'll need !

More info and screen shots: App Store



  • Can I load just parts of Australia?
    Yes. Each State can be downloaded, removed or re downloaded at any time. However we recommend for ease of use to download all of Australia during the initial installation. It may take 1-1.5 hours depending on your interconnection speed.
  • Map downloads can only be done when connected to Wi-Fi.
    We made this decision based on the size of the map (3.8GB) which may be a significant cost to download via your mobile phone plan.

  • Is there a demo version available?
    At this stage no but it is under consideration

  • Why do we state this: "Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."
    iPhone/iPad have many battery saving techniques. One is to turn off the GPS receiver when not in use. However if you using a Navigation App, it needs continuous access to the GPS receiver to operate. This may result in higher than normal battery usage. Note that when the iPhone/iPad screen dims, OZtopo will continue to operate, eg collect track log data. 

  • Do you offer discounts?
    Short answer is No. We think that OZtopo is priced correctly offering great value. However if you purchase an iTunes card at your local retailer eg Woolies, Coles, JB when they are on special at 20% or 30% off you can then use it to purchase OZtopo via your iTunes account. eg Purchase $80 iTunes card at 20% off at Woollies (your cost $64). Redeem your card onto your iTunes account - you now have $80 credit in your iTunes account. Purchase OZtopo using your iTune account balance!

  • Downloading of maps stalls 
    The downloading of maps pause when the iPhone/iPad Auto-lock (screen turns off) feature activates or when you change to a different app. So best to temporarily disable the Auto-lock feature and stay on the OZtopo app until all maps are downloaded. 
    Downloading will resume when you return to OZtopo.